The colours of joy and anger

„The colours of joy and anger“ is dealing with emotions. It is looking at the idea to change ones perspective towards the own emotions. To look at it carefully, look at it bravely. To feel it fully, to feel where it manifests in the body, even give it a color or a form. In order to see oneself clearer and become able to guide ones own reaction towards life‘s circumstance.
I’m asking you, my child…
Is it happiness? Is it anger? Is it disappointment?
If you could give the feeling a colour, what would it be?
If it was a form, what would it look like?
Where in your body can you feel it the most?
Look at the feeling carefully. From all directions.
Is it a good feeling? Then just let it stay a little longer and enjoy it.
If it is an unpleasant one… Can you take it and give it another colour?
Colour it in your favourite colour!



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© 2023 Julia Hofmann
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