Welcome to my world of photography and art.
I am creating abstract poetic photography.
My work questions "reality", and reflects on feelings and moods.


I am an experimental/abstract fine art photographer.

 To me, photography is a way to reflect on life and to express feelings and moods. To make the abstract world of my emotions visible I am working with various analogue and digital techniques.
By letting my feelings express themselves through photography, my art provides me with the possibility to look at my own emotions, my life and to find a way to cope with them.

I hope that you can relate to these emotions, and recognise them as your own.
Through my work, I want to make our shared inner world visible. To make us all feel more connected with our mutual inner world of feelings.
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My work is available as a fine-art print. 
Get in contact with me if you are interested. 
If you are a fellow photographer and artist with a similar approach I am happy to hear from you!
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© 2023 Julia Hofmann
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