Fragility, strength and beauty

Most of the time, I find myself wandering between the past and the future. My thoughts, dart back and forth, retracing memories or sketching dreams.
I dwell on what has been or what might be, weaving narratives in the looms of my mind.
The past - I linger there, tracing what has been, revisiting moments.
The future, I plan, anticipate, worry—What if? What if not?
I lose myself in a labyrinth, forgetting the present.
Yet, there are moments when I halt, breathe, and immerse in the now.
Here, lies strength, beauty, and fragility.
In this moment, and the next, and the next.

Analog black-and-white photography, double-exposed and painted with glass color.



My work is available as a fine-art print. 
Get in contact with me if you are interested. 
If you are a fellow photographer and artist with a similar approach I am happy to hear from you!
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© 2023 Julia Hofmann
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