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THE COLOURS OF JOY AND ANGER I’m asking you, my child…Is it happiness?Is it anger?Is it disappointment?If you could give the feeling a colour, what would it be?If it was a form, what would it look like?Where in your body can you feel it the most?Look at the feeling carefully.From all directions.Is it a good […]


Blurred “Blurred“ explores emotions of stress and unsteadiness through photography and visualises these feelings: I am searching, trying, worrying, questioning. Feeling confused, but full of ideas. Life is slow, life is fast, life is blurred. Is this what my life should look like? Is this the place I should live in?” I am growing into […]

In between

In between Every day … the same things surrounding me every day that I don’t know any different that I don’t see because they are so familiar. The steady routines of everyday life, the well-known environment, the same values. I have an everyday life in two different places. Two well-known environments, two habits. Familiar values, […]


Reality(s) “Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.” Mahatma Gandhi „Reality(s)“ is dealing with the interplay of our outer environment and the inner state of mind. Two layers are describing the different states of the „outer-” and the „inner world”. The project […]

Lost wings

Lost Wings “Lost wings” relates to small children’s natural and direct attitude to life. To the almost infinite joy, the feeling of absorbing new experiences like a sponge, to getting lost in the observation of the surroundings. The anger that comes when it comes and goes when it goes. With the means of multiple exposure, […]