About me
Julia’s rather abstract and conceptual photography is putting personal struggles, feelings and mental states in a wider context of society. Her work is mainly concentrating on the visualisation of feelings and hidden aspects of life. With blurred and multilayered photographic approaches she is using the medium to look behind the surface of life, at the subtle essence of everyday things and feelings. She loves to involve with topics about the differences between people and cultures, about society from another perspective, about the everyday.
A life between Germany, where she grew up, and China, where she spent most of her adult life, inspires her work.

2019 „Lost Wings” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China
2017 “Blurred” / Group exhibition “Sino-German Art Dialogue”, Qiao Shiguang Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China
2016 “Blurred”/ Group exhibition, Art Expo Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China
2015 “Blurred” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China
2011 “Chinese Street Typography” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China
2008 “100%Peking” / Solo exhibition, Kult Zigarre, Kunst-und KulturWerkHaus e.V., Heilbronn, Germany

2018 „Lost wings”/ The attitude of small children towards life
2017 „Reality(s)“ / About the mutual influence of the surroundings and the inner state of mind
2016 „Zwischen dem Alltag“ / Reflection on a life between the german and the Chinese culture
2015 „Blurred“ / Search for identity
2014 „Where is home?“ / Dokumentation of the demolition of Beijing’s old quarter
2013 „PM 300“ (ongoing) / Dealing with the surreal beauty of air pollution
2012 “Life“ / Multimedia Projekt about retired women in Germany
2011 “Street Typography” / Grafik Advertisement stamps in the alleys of Beijing
2010 “A long way“ / Multimedia and book project about mentally challenged people in China