About me 

Photography has been with me since I was a child. I have been trough a phase of a journalistic approach to photography. Over the last years my work became more and more abstract. Photography is a way to express the more subtle elements of life: feelings, mental states and personal as well as interpersonal struggles. I use various experimental photographic techniques like intentional camera movement and double exposure on film. Recently I started to paint on my black and white negatives. These rather unusual techniques give me the means to visualise hidden aspects of life. I deliberately use blurriness, unsharpness, dreamlike styles to express and explore different psychological states.

I was born in Germany, spent much of my adult life in China and currently live in Berlin and Beijing.



2019 „Lost Wings” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China

2017 “Blurred” / Group exhibition “Sino-German Art Dialogue”, Qiao Shiguang Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2016 “Blurred”/ Group exhibition, Art Expo Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China

2015 “Blurred” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China

2011 “Chinese Street Typography” / Solo exhibition, Zarah, Beijing, China

2008 “100%Peking” / Solo exhibition, Kult Zigarre, Kunst-und KulturWerkHaus e.V., Heilbronn, Germany


2018 „Lost wings”/ The attitude of small children towards life

2017 „Reality(s)“ / About the mutual influence of the surroundings and the inner state of mind

2016 „Zwischen dem Alltag“ / Reflection on a life between the german and the Chinese culture

2015 „Blurred“ / Search for identity

2014 „Where is home?“ / Dokumentation of the demolition of Beijing’s old quarter

2013 „PM 300“ (ongoing) / Dealing with the surreal beauty of air pollution

2012 “Life“ / Multimedia Projekt about retired women in Germany

2011 “Street Typography” / Grafik Advertisement stamps in the alleys of Beijing

2010 “A long way“ / Multimedia and book project about mentally challenged people in China