In between

Every day … the same
things surrounding me every day
that I don’t know any different
that I don’t see because they are so familiar.
The steady routines of everyday life, the well-known environment, the same values.
I have an everyday life in two different places.
Two well-known environments, two habits.
Familiar values, viewpoints, habits that clash into each other.
Two places, divided by a journey on the plane.
Between the countries, I am the observer of everyday life around me.
The people in those places… no matter which…
Are living their everyday life, self-evident.
The every day that rules their thinking and life.
I can feel the everyday life in both of these places as everyday life or as something special.
Just depending on my condition, on my mood.
“Between everyday life” expresses the feelings that arise from living between cultures, between countries, between realities. Places, very different from each other, are layered together in my imagination to become a new place in myself.